Uber introduces a better scooter
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

Uber introduces a better scooter

The next-gen model of mobility.

While many countries are banning electric scooters, Uber still manages to run them in cities around the world. It has now shown a preview of what its second-generation version of the Jump electric scooter looks like. A bigger, stronger, faster scooter with bigger wheels for a more stable ride, and better brakes.

The new scooter will be introduced in US cities on 24 June 2019, and makes its way to Europe “later this summer.”

The new scooter’s major highlight is its braking system. The thumb-lever brake on the first-generation scooter has been replaced with a type of hand brake, similar to the ones found on bicycles.

The breaks are also applied to stop both wheels, which makes it a safer model than the previous ones in most situations.

Beyond posing a problem to pedestrians and traffic, scooter sharing companies are facing two major issues: One, the scooter sharing companies are bleeding money almost as fast as Uber and Lyft’s main ride-hailing businesses; and two, many of them can only last for about a month or two under heavy use.

Companies are now working with manufacturers to change the design to bring more safety to riders as well as pedestrians and traffic. So far it doesn't seem like the UAE will be lifting the ban anytime soon, until such time that they are deemed safe.