Bird launches bicycle-moped hybrid
Priya Wadhwa

Bird launches bicycle-moped hybrid

Bird Cruiser is launching this summer.

Bird, the dockless electric scooter company that is developing a new vehicle sharing platform, has unveiled the Bird Cruiser—an electric vehicle between a bicycle and a moped.

It can seat two people, and depending on the market will either be pedal-assist or just have a peg. the Bird Cruiser has hydraulic disc brakes and a 52-volt battery, like many e-bikes. The company plans to launch the vehicle this summer in selected markets.

This marks Bird’s first move outside of the kick scooter space.

It will be regulated at the state-level, as it is classified as a motorised scooter.

“Bird’s introduction of shared e-scooters spurred a global phenomenon and mode shift away from cars. To further accelerate progress on our mission to make cities more livable, we are providing additional environmentally friendly micro-mobility alternatives—including Bird Cruiser.”
Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird
Bird launches bicycle-moped hybrid

Competitor electric bike startup Wheels raised $37 million earlier this year; their bikes seat one person and need pedalling.

This news comes soon after Bird started commercially selling its electric scooters to individuals.

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