About SME

SME Advisor Middle East is aimed at business owners and senior executives across the GCC. Armed with practical advice, it has been highlighting key business issues for the small and medium enterprise segment since its launch in 2005.

The magazine addresses real issues faced by business decision makers, without resorting to jargon. We understand that often, in small and medium enterprises, specialist business decisions are made by the owners and not by an army of c-level executives. At the same time, our content is equally relevant and useful for specialist, senior executives in mid-level enterprises. The magazine style is consumer, conversational and colourful.

The circulation is around 60,000 across the GCC and North Africa, though more focussed in the UAE. The weekly e-newsletters are mailed out to around 35,000 key decision makers.

Why SME Advisor:
These last two years have seen the rise and demise of a number of publications aiming for the small and medium enterprise segment. We are the only ones who survived. SME Advisor rode out the storm, primarily on the strength of the magazine’s targeted readership and loyal advertiser base, who have continued to get great ROI.
We offer a flexible converged media mix, unlike any other business publication here, which helps communicate the message effectively. This includes print, Website, social media, newsletters, focussed events (such as workshops, mentoring sessions, networking evenings, awards, forums, etc) and even video.
We know who reads us. Our call centre tracks executive movement to ensure the continued value of our qualified subscribers.
We evolve, and we keep our ear to the ground.
Relationships and goodwill. We talk to our readers and business stakeholders and act as a conduit for industry dialogue. We know the value of personal relationships. We conduct various initiatives to build the business community.
We are in the process of tying up with several industry bodies to get our copies to all their members.

Business growth in the region
We recently surveyed 1,400 SMEs in the UAE and found that almost 90 percent of them are committed to their growth plans in the near- or mid-term.

Recent research by global management consultancy A.T. Kearney highlights the crucial and almost mandatory role small and medium enterprises play in the successful development of sustainable domestic economies. Their research in emerging markets shows that successful SMEs create jobs at a rate which is four times faster than the rate of larger corporations and create revenues and GDP at a rate which is six times faster than large corporations.

“The total potential for the GCC is an additional USD 100 Billion to GDP and up to 2 million jobs in the coming years. This number is based on A.T. Kearney analysis of benchmarks of SME job creation and contribution to GDP from across the world,” says Dr. Dirk Buchta, Vice President and Managing Director A.T. Kearney Middle East.

Government support for SME growth
GCC governments have been eager to develop long-term sustainable economies diversified away from oil. Recent announcements have demonstrated their commitment to re-investing oil revenues towards further development of their domestic industrial and service economies.

According to the Planning and Economy Department in Abu Dhabi, SMEs constitute 94% of the total projects in UAE, followed by 92% in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar, 78% in Kuwait and 75% in KSA.

These highly influential people, these catalysts for the region, these pockets of growth in a slowed global economy – these are the readers of SME Advisor.