E-scooter rental companies face ban in the UAE
Priya Wadhwa

E-scooter rental companies face ban in the UAE

Several cities are taking the move citing safety concerns.

E-scooters, have become quite popular in recent times, with people using them for their first and last mile journeys. Until recently, they were all the rage in China, until they were banned in Shanghai and Beijing, citing road safety issues from pedestrians as well as other commuters.

2018 saw a few of them launch in Dubai, seeing the potential of the market for quick journeys to and fro public transport or within communities. However, the RTA recently put a ban on their use citing safety concerns.

The RTA said that considering public safety is its top priority, it has “issued a circular to all electric scooter rental companies to stop their activities until new regulations are in force, based on the findings of a [road safety] study being conducted by RTA.”

Dubai is not the only one to ban the e-scooters after China. There have been many other countries and cities who have banned them citing the same reason—safety concerns for riders as well as passengers.

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