Virtual help via Xerox 3D diagnostics and instant live support
Rushika Bhatia

Virtual help via Xerox 3D diagnostics and instant live support

Xerox have announced the release of their new prototype customer care software, which uses Web-based 3D virtual reality imaging to give Xerox customers instant access to live support for their printer or multifunction device.

The new software pinpoints ways to ease customer frustration, shorten customer care calls and free up workers to focus on their real business. To help develop the prototype, ethnography researchers at Xerox’s Research Centre Europe studied the way customers responded to printer issues and examined the calls coming in to service centres.

“Our hands-on research provided an in-depth understanding of the subtle nuances that keep a workplace humming and the ‘pain points’ that create unnecessary frustration,” said Dan Smith, Head of Integrated Marketing for the Middle East and Africa region of Xerox’s Developing Markets Operations.  “The knowledge led us to a novel approach that promises to help office workers minimise interruptions in their workday allowing our customers to focus on what matters most: getting their real work done.”

How virtual help works

By pressing the ‘Help’ button on the screen of a networked multifunction system, customers can initiate a call to the support desk.  As the agent accepts the incoming call, the system uploads a 3D model of the printer while gathering and displaying data on the status of the machine.  The system simultaneously uploads the same 3D model on the screen at the customer site so the customer can view the image while talking to the help desk agent – leading to a real-time multimedia conversation.

This new virtual help desk prototype builds on the previous interactive capability launched with the Xerox WorkCentre 7500 series called Xerox Online Support Assistant, which provides instant access to online support.