Egypt and France to cooperate on key IT initiatives
Priya Wadhwa

Egypt and France to cooperate on key IT initiatives

Four agreements have been signed.

With the quickly changing technology landscape, it is important to look beyond country borders in order to adopt best practices from around the globe, especially for countries in the Middle East. Despite the large improvements that have been made in the region, the IT infrastructure still has some ways to go in order to catch up with countries in North-Western Europe and North America, for example.

Cooperation and the consequent knowledge transfer is incredibly important when it comes to this – Saudi Arabia and the UAE have signed multiple cooperation documents to trial several technologies, including inter-bank blockchain transfers, in order to benefit from the trials and each other’s expertise.

Egypt, however, has looked beyond the region in order to find a partner for its IT infrastructure – France. During a visit to Egypt on January 28-29 2019, French president Emmanuel Macron led a delegation that signed four cooperation agreements in the IT sector.

The first one aims to bolster the growth of technology startups in both countries. Thanks to this agreement, startups supported by the two parties can share their experience and cooperate together – a very important step, as France is home to one of the most famous startup spaces, Station F. Learn more about the agreements that were signed here.