Personalising customer support experience
Rushika Bhatia

Personalising customer support experience

HP have announced the creation Always On Support and provided clients and HP partners with the ability to solve support issues on their own terms by facilitating access to the information, people and technology needed to personalise their support experience.

The new HP Support Center platform delivers one-stop access to IT professionals, online support tools and mobile technical support application.

The HP Support Centre platform offers clients:

— Access to the HP Always On community to interact with IT professionals, exchange best practices in problem resolution, and submit content to the knowledgebase. In addition to standard keyword and product search capabilities, clients can locate information through a step-by-step troubleshooting tool and access the most popular support documents.

— Mobile technical support to speed problem resolution for HP and select third-party products via mobile devices. It is expected to be available in app stores for webOS, Android and iOS 4 this summer.

— Online support process management to troubleshoot issues, manage contracts and warranties, submit support cases and connect with HP experts online. These processes are integrated with HP’s call centre infrastructure.


All capabilities are available at no additional cost as part of  a warranty, HP Care Pack Services and contractual support agreements. Some capabilities require specific levels of support. HP Support Centre will be available globally next month. More information is available at