IBM launches new cloud analytics software
Rushika Bhatia

IBM launches new cloud analytics software

IBM have announced new cloud analytics software, Coremetrics Lifecycle, to help customers capitalise on every marketing milestone.

From customer acquisition to retention, marketers can make the most of their interactions with prospects across all online marketing channels, including email, display advertising, search marketing and social media, based on real customer behavior.

The software removes the guesswork in determining which campaigns and content are most effective with customers by providing analytics-based insight into how customer lifecycles speed up or slow down over time.

Businesses can easily determine what marketing programs and content most efficiently yield high-value customers, and can select the most effective strategies and marketing budgets for every stage of the customer development cycle. Lifecycle is designed to deliver actionable business insights to enhance every online customer experience with targeted interactions, and to deliver better business outcomes through more intelligent marketing investments. The solution includes:

  • Prebuilt and customisable lifecycle templates, designed to meet the needs of a range of industries.
  • Actionable insights into online marketing program effectiveness, content viewed, and; products purchased at every milestone of the customer lifecycle
  • Seamless integration with other coremetrics solutions for rapid re-targeting of customer segments.

“IBM’s comprehensive approach to automating online marketing is so much more than a single method or tool. The company’s solutions deliver a new level of insight into our target audience, revealing not only the marketing investments we should research, test and optimise, but how those efforts affect the overall flow and development of customer relationships,” said Rob Brosnan, senior director of marketing strategy, Seton Hall University. “We can move away from the analysis of individual touch points and toward a holistic program of business enhancement.”

Today’s news follows IBM’s recent announcement of new software and the creation of a new consulting practice dedicated to the emerging category of Smarter Commerce, which is focused on helping companies swiftly adapt to rising customer demands in today’s digitally transformed marketplace.

“IBM is driving the transformation of online marketing into a useful, consumer-facing service that drives business results,” said John Squire, chief strategy officer, IBM Coremetrics. “We are dedicated to delivering capabilities that equip marketers with analytics-based insight into how customer lifecycles speed up or slow down over time, benchmarking current results against previous ones, and laying the foundation for consistently smarter marketing.”