China is opening a dialogue for AI ethics
Priya Wadhwa

China is opening a dialogue for AI ethics

What this means in the midst of Trump’s trade war?

Just a few days after the World Economic Forum announced its AI principles, China has released its own AI ethics code. This is big news, especially at this time when Huawei is being scrutinised by the world for its AI uses.

The move signifies that the country is open to having a dialogue to regulate AI with a code of ethics and principles. It has made huge advancements in the field of robotics, AI and 5G, which has put countries like the US on an alarmed and defensive position. That’s one of the reasons many have banned or tightened trade regulations with Chinese companies.

The release of AI ethics is a signal that China is willing to come to agreements with the use and regulation of AI, thus answering the core issue behind the trade war.

China’s guiding principles for AI research and development includes that “human privacy, dignity, freedom, autonomy, and rights should be sufficiently respected.”
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Naturally, the only way forward with AI is to have all countries agree to a standard code of ethics and principles, which could potentially become laws to protect life. And having China on board these principles is key to a more stable economic future.

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