A bird! A plane! No, a table!
Rushika Bhatia

A bird! A plane! No, a table!

Ahrend, the Dutch expert in the field of flexible furnishing solutions and the efficient use of space, has taken its revolutionary range of furniture concepts to the next level with the launch of its latest office desk, the Ahrend Jetstream. The piece will be showcased at the new Ahrend facility opening in Dubai in March 2009.

Designed by renowned Dutch designer, Marijn van der Poll, the design was inspired by the De Havilland Comet, history’s first commercial jetliner, which carried passengers around the world during the 1950s.
Moving away from traditional office desk design and more towards an increasingly flexible work, benching and lounge-type worksites, the Jetstream is a refreshing twist on the traditional. With its quirky wing-inspired single, big, flat design of the desk’s surface, coupled with its clean lines the revolutionary design adds to the work experience without losing any functionality or style.
The Jetstream is symbolic of liberation from the physical constraints imposed by traditional office tables, explained designer Marijn van der Poll. With the advent and adoption of laptops and PDAs in the corporate world, office executives no longer are nailed to their desks, he added.
The Jetstream main features are both the flat surface or “wing” and base of the desk which comprises a polyester sheath on a steel inner frame. The base has been strengthened to guarantee optimum stability, and the worktop surface is finished in a high-gloss lacquer.
The Ahrend Middle East headquarters and showroom, which will showcase a range of furniture styles and designs including the new Jetstream desk, is slated to open its doors in March 2009 in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA). The designer, Marijn van der Poll, is anticipated to be in Dubai on March 2nd for the Office Exhibition Seminar and to attend the Ahrend opening ceremony on March 4th, 2009.
About Ahrend
Ahrend has more than a century?s experience in the furnishing of the business environment. It carries out its worldwide office furnishing activities both through its own branches in various countries and through alliances with leading market players. Ahrend?s field of activity includes Benelux countries, Central and Eastern Europe, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, the Unites States and the United Arab Emirates. Over the decades, Ahrend has worked closely with leading designers such as Friso Kramer, Frans de la Haye, King & Miranda, Meyer & Van Schooten, Wim Quist and Sigurd Rothe. It also has a number of prize-winning designers on its payroll, including Wijtse Rodenburg, the creator of the Ahrend 800 table system that recently won the coveted Red Dot best-of-the-best award presented annually by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. The collection of furniture developed and produced by Ahrend includes the classics Revolt and Mehes, the Ahrend 500 bench, the Ahrend 350 and Ahrend 250 chairs, alongside other award-winning chairs, table systems and storage systems. For further information, visit: www.ahrend.com