Google Maps now shows discounts from nearby restaurants in India
Priya Wadhwa
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Google Maps now shows discounts from nearby restaurants in India

Expanding and strengthening its reach in the growing market.

Google is expanding its reach within the growing Indian market with its Maps. A few weeks ago it rolled out a new feature whereby people could track real time data of public transport, as well as see the location of speed cameras through the Maps app.

Now it has announced the launch of three new features:

  1. An “offers” option under the “explore tab” that will show promotional offers and discounts from local restaurants. Google partnered with EazyDiner, a table reservation platform, to display more than offers from more than 4000 restaurants in 11 metro cities.

  2. Through the partnership, it also allows people to make reservations for restaurants through the Maps app.

  3. “For you” feature that displays personalised recommendations for new restaurants and other trending places.

“This feature also uses the ‘Your Match’ score, which uses machine learning to combine what we know about millions of places with the information you’ve added — restaurants you’ve rated, cuisines you’ve liked, and places you have visited. The first time you use this feature you can select the areas/localities you are interested in, and get more personalized and relevant recommendations over time."
Google executives

Google will be adding more features in the future. It plans to grow the number of restaurants and other business partners so as to capitalise from its Maps.

It currently has more than 300 million users in the country, making it a testbed for many of its services. 98 percent of smartphones in India use the Android operating system, which has led to an antitrust probe from the Competition Commission of India in addition to the on-going probe from the US justice department.

In addition to these, it has also been the centre of data privacy controversies. In spite of this and a number of penalties from the European Commission for antitrust cases, and now the probes from the US and India, Google continues to grow stronger in the markets.

How do you think this will turn out for users and the company?