WeWork plans to become the “Google Analytics for space”
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

WeWork plans to become the “Google Analytics for space”

But first, it needs to overcome the privacy issue.

Technology has known to drastically change our worlds, including our ways of working. WeWork, one of the most popular co-working companies, is diversifying to offer more than just co-working spaces, with multiple acquisitions in the recent past.

It plans on reaching the next level by tracking people as they move around offices. Some people have hesitations with that level of technology intrusion in their lives. There are major concerns over data privacy. However, there are always certain concerns before any technology becomes commonplace and even essential in the future.

It’s acquisition of Euclid, a spatial analytics platform, is in support of this objective. WeWork's chief product officer, Shiva Rajaraman, told TechCrunch that the company focus is shifting to become the "Google Analytics for space."

WeWork plans to become the “Google Analytics for space”

However, there is a positive side to this tracking and collecting data — it can make space design more effective as well as increase the efficiency of how rooms or spaces in general are used today, which would potentially increase collaboration and productivity. Question is: Do you think it is worth it?