Harvard fuels discussion on tech's impact on healthcare delivery
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

Harvard fuels discussion on tech's impact on healthcare delivery

The role of tech in progressing the region's healthcare.

The healthcare industry in the Middle East is advancing rapidly. With startups like Egypt’s Vezeeta improving local access to quality healthcare, there are continuous strides being made. However, there are still some challenges to overcome in the region.

During a panel at the annual Arab Conference at Harvard University this year, there were three challenges that were pointed out by the panellists: access, quality and cost of healthcare in the region. The panellists each worked at a regional healthcare-focused startup that sim to solve these challenges and improve overall healthcare in the region.

One of the panellists, Dr. Fathi Idris Ali, co-founder and board member at Alistishari, explained how their web-based platform allows patients to connect to an international audience of medical professionals.

The solution came about because, in many countries in the region, many patients still choose to travel abroad in order to seek medical care or second opinions, due to the reservations about the quality and cost of local healthcare.

By trying to improve the local healthcare system with a network of highly-trained medical professionals, this simple technology can help improve access and save cost at the same time – two critically important aspects. Read more about the panel and the other participating panellists here.