Saudi Arabia's Tech Upgradation: PwC & Microsoft Collaborate on AI Excellence Center
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Saudi Arabia's Tech Upgradation: PwC & Microsoft Collaborate on AI Excellence Center

Partnership aims to enhance AI skills among Saudi engineers and researchers, aligning with Vision 2030 objectives. Programme recruits top talent from local universities, offers training in technologies.

PwC Middle East in Saudi Arabia and Microsoft have unveiled plans to establish an AI Centre of Excellence in Riyadh during the LEAP 2024 conference. The initiative aims to support the AI capabilities of Saudi engineers and researchers while aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 agenda for community development and nationalisation.

Scheduled to run bi-monthly, each cohort of the program will recruit top-tier talent in collaboration with leading universities across Saudi Arabia. These selected Saudi professionals will undergo training in advanced AI skills and technologies, encompassing Azure OpenAI and various open-source models and frameworks. The centre will serve as an important platform for knowledge exchange and collaborative learning, engaging local and global partners from both public and private sectors to broaden expertise and perspectives.

Ali Hosseini, Chief Technology Officer at PwC Middle East, expressed firm commitment to Saudi Vision 2030 and technological advancement, emphasising the establishment of AI engineering capabilities within the Kingdom. He underscored the importance of investing in local talent to lead a new era of technological excellence, with a focus on maximising AI benefits for Saudi Arabia’s economic growth and innovation leadership.

Microsoft's contribution to the collaboration includes expertise, training resources, and access to AI technology platforms. PwC, on the other hand, will spearhead planning, program management, operational framework development, and curriculum design for the Centre of Excellence.

Turki Badhris, President of Microsoft Arabia, highlighted the importance of skilling the workforce in cloud and AI technologies to unleash their full potential in leading innovation and economic growth. He expressed pride in partnering with PwC Middle East to equip young Saudi engineers with the necessary skills and tools.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has outlined a clear vision for AI-based technology development, undertaking national programs to digitally transform the country. PwC and Microsoft, with their longstanding alliance, aim to facilitate digitally-focused talent development in Saudi Arabia's next phase.

The establishment of the AI Centre of Excellence signifies a move towards boosting innovation and sustainable outcomes for clients across the region, thereby supporting the digital transformation aspirations of governments and businesses alike.