Will Saudi Arabia's Shift to Eco-Packaging Pay Off?
Mokshita P.
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Will Saudi Arabia's Shift to Eco-Packaging Pay Off?

Saudi consumers show deep concern (64 percent) for environment, prefer eco-friendly brands (80 percent), and actively recycle (63 percent plastic, 58 percent cartons). Industry responds with sustainable practices despite costs, aiming for market appeal and loyalty.

So, Tetra Pak just shared some insights from their global research on sustainable packaging. They conducted extensive surveys across various countries, including Saudi Arabia, and found some compelling trends.

In Saudi Arabia, a significant number—64 percent—of consumers are deeply concerned about environmental issues like pollution and food waste. What’s interesting is that over half of these consumers are motivated to reduce food waste to combat hunger, which is a thoughtful approach. Additionally, many are choosing local products (27 percent) and prefer brands that discuss environmental topics (80 percent) or use eco-friendly packaging (68 percent).

When it comes to actions, a good portion of Saudi consumers are actively recycling—63 percent for plastic and 58 percent for cartons. Some are even opting for reusable packaging (27 percent) and actively seeking out products with environmentally friendly packaging (28 percent for eco-friendly, 25 percent for recycled materials).

This research isn’t just about consumer behaviour; it also sheds light on the food and beverage industry’s shift towards sustainability. Many businesses are responding to consumer demand by minimising plastic use and investing in new sustainable solutions. Despite potential cost implications, a significant 77 percent of global businesses are committed to these changes.

Niels Hougaard from Tetra Pak Arabia emphasises that sustainability is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses. He sees a clear opportunity for Saudi businesses to enhance their market appeal and customer loyalty by prioritising sustainable practices.

In parallel, Tetra Pak is actively involved in initiatives like their recycling partnership in Saudi Arabia, aiming to boost carton recycling and create a circular economy. They’re also committed to ambitious global targets under their "Approach to Nature" framework, focusing on sourcing raw materials responsibly, reducing water usage, and eliminating waste.

Overall, the findings underscore a growing awareness and commitment to sustainability in Saudi Arabia, presenting a promising path for businesses to align with consumer expectations and contribute positively to the environment.

Will Saudi Arabia's Shift to Eco-Packaging Pay Off?