Ask Them: Silver lining for the F&B sector
Mita Srinivasan
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Ask Them: Silver lining for the F&B sector

In the next interview in the series, we had a chat with Samantha Wood, Founder at Foodiva on the trends and challenges of the F&B industry

Continuing our series of insightful and candid conversations with the movers and shakers, this week we caught up with Samantha Wood, Founder of Foodiva.

Since she epitomises the F&B sector in the UAE, having lived here for 21 years and running Foodiva for 9, we discussed her views as a food writer, what the challenges are for the industry, what they have done well and what they haven't. From food security to gourmet delivery, Samantha shared her preferences and the trends in the industry sector. See the full video below.