Spinneys products are now available on Amazon UAE
Priya Wadhwa
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Spinneys products are now available on Amazon UAE

What does this mean for their competitors?

Last night Amazon UAE notified its customers that products from Middle East’s supermarket chain, Spinneys, were now available on the platform.

A quick look showed only packaged groceries with long shelf life to be available, from nut butters to flour, nuts, honey and more. It is an interesting move from the supermarket chain to make use of already existing delivery systems in the country.

Online orders of groceries are becoming popular, with Choithrams and Carrefour having their own delivery teams and routes in the emirate of Dubai.

While Spinneys own brand store was available on the Souq.com, it has now transitioned to Amazon UAE, with the recent acquisition.

We reached out to Amazon as well as Spinneys to get more insight into this move and whether it will be rolled out for fresh produce in the future.
At this stage the store is limited to ambient products. Further work is underway to expand our online product offering to include the fresh categories, and we are investigating supplier platforms as well as our own.”
Morne Fourie, General Manager of Marketing at Spinneys
Spinneys products are now available on Amazon UAE

Amazon has been looking at new avenues to grow its market. Fresh produce could be the next step that will heat up competition between Amazon and noon.com. The latter has already delighted customers by making all deliveries free of cost following the launch of Amazon Prime.

Setting up delivery routes is tricky, even more so is having a system of receiving fresh produce and groceries in place, keeping in mind the rules and regulations from the National Food Safety Committee and other government agencies.

What’s more intriguing is how this move will affect Carrefour, that is widely popular owing to being the best value for money supermarket in Dubai, and selling many of its own-brand products in the market.

We believe Spinneys has made a smart move by taking advantage of existing delivery systems to make its products available to a wider audience. So has Amazon to grow its market.

Since Spinneys is still looking to expand it delivery offering and looking into supplier delivery platforms, perhaps this is a great opportunity for last mile delivery startups to make a profitable deal. The question is, will Amazon crush its competition like it is rumoured to do in the US and other countries?

At SME10X, we believe partnerships are often the best way forward to leverage each other’s strengths for mutual growth. We are keen to know where this will lead and will be keeping a close watch on the e-commerce platforms and supermarket chains to know:

1. How noon reacts to Amazon selling groceries on its platform.

2. What Carrefour does to stay ahead of the game, as it has its own e-commerce platform.

3. How Spinneys steps up its delivery department.