Is This the Future of Payments? e& Enterprise and Payit Join Forces
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Is This the Future of Payments? e& Enterprise and Payit Join Forces

Simplified and Secure Digital Wallet Integration Aims to Boost Digital Payment Adoption and Customer Satisfaction Across Various Industries.

e& enterprise teamed up with Payit from First Abu Dhabi Bank to transform how businesses in the UAE handle payments and boost customer satisfaction. This partnership is all about integrating Payit’s advanced digital wallet technology with e& enterprise’s Payment as a Service Layer.

So, what does this mean for businesses? They’ll be able to offer customers a simpler and more secure way to pay, thanks to the digital wallet from Payit. This should help increase the use of digital payments, improve conversion rates, and make customers happier overall.

Miguel Angel Villalonga, the COO of e& enterprise, mentioned that this partnership is a big move towards digital transformation and cashless payments. Their PaaS platform is essential in creating a secure and comprehensive payment ecosystem. They’re excited about how this collaboration will give businesses better tools for accepting payments and make the payment process smooth for customers. The goal is to make business transactions more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

On the other side, Nitin Bhandari from FAB, who heads the Payit wallet, is also thrilled about this partnership. He pointed out that businesses using e& enterprise’s PaaS platform can now accept payments directly from Payit wallets without needing any extra technical work or investment. Payit has already made cashless transactions easier for many individuals, and this partnership will help extend its reach even further.

e& enterprise is focused on providing businesses with secure, reliable, and customisable payment solutions to support their digital transformation. They aim to be a key partner for businesses in the UAE, offering innovative payment tools that cater to the unique needs of each customer, making the payment experience as smooth as possible.

With their experience and proprietary PaaS platform, e& enterprise is pushing for more digital payment adoption in various industries like retail, fashion, tourism, hospitality, insurance, real estate, and car rentals.

By the way, Payit, launched in 2018, is the UAE’s first fully featured digital wallet. It supports the shift to a cashless society by offering alternatives to traditional banking, like international money transfers, peer-to-peer payments, merchant payments, bill payments, and local bank transfers.