Are You Ready for the Future of Autonomous Vehicles?
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Are You Ready for the Future of Autonomous Vehicles?

Bayanat and Oxa are teaming up to advance global autonomous vehicle solutions, supported by Abu Dhabi Investment Office's SAVI cluster, aiming to revolutionise urban mobility and smart city development.

Bayanat and Oxa, a company specialising in autonomous vehicle technology, have joined forces in a strategic partnership. Their aim is to advance the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle solutions, not just in the UAE but globally.

This collaboration is supported by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) under its Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industry (SAVI) cluster. This initiative shows the UAE's commitment to fostering innovation and technological advancement in mobility.

The partnership was officially kicked off with a visit to Oxa’s headquarters in Oxford, UK, by a high-level delegation from Bayanat and ADIO. Bayanat brings its expertise in AI-powered geospatial analytics and operational capabilities in autonomous vehicles, while Oxa contributes its cutting-edge autonomous vehicle technologies.

Abu Dhabi’s SAVI cluster, launched in 2023, aims to establish the region as a hub for smart and autonomous vehicles. It provides state-of-the-art facilities and supports the commercialisation of these technologies within a conducive regulatory environment.

Together, Bayanat and Oxa plan to create an Autonomous Mobility Centre of Excellence. This centre will benefit from Abu Dhabi’s regional ecosystem and aims to nurture local talent in software, hardware, operations, data science, and more.

Moreover, the partnership aims to develop services in the autonomous vehicle sector. An advisory board consisting of UAE industry representatives and Oxa’s senior leaders will guide these efforts.

Hasan Al Hosani, Managing Director of Bayanat, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting their goal to revolutionise transportation and smart city solutions. Gavin Jackson, CEO of Oxa, emphasised the synergy between their autonomy solutions and Bayanat’s technical capabilities, aiming to accelerate autonomy adoption across various applications.

Nayef Shahin, Director of Innovation and Knowledge at ADIO, underscored the significance of this collaboration in advancing autonomous vehicle technology and its impact on urban mobility and smart city development.

Overall, this partnership signifies a major step forward in autonomous vehicle technology, promising innovative solutions that will shape the future of urban transportation.