Chef marketplace, Meelz, now available in UAE
Mita Srinivasan
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Chef marketplace, Meelz, now available in UAE

Foodtech marketplace offers five business verticals and features Middle East chefs like Karim Bourgi, Gregoire Berger and Greg Malouf on the platform

The Lab Holding, a Venture Building studio with a focus on Food-tech, F&B and Hospitality sectors has expanded its Meelz marketplace to the UAE. Co-founded by Bassel Siblini in partnership with The Lab Holding, Meelz operates on five different business verticals: food delivery, recipe box delivery, grocery & kitchenware delivery, masterclass experiences and chef’s tables experiences. Some of the Middle East’s most influential chefs like Karim Bourgi, Gregoire Berger and Greg Malouf are already on the platform that also includes support from Chef Middle East, Kitchenware distributor MG hotels, as well as strategic partnerships with an array of culinary institutions.

Bassel Siblini, Meelz’s CEO, added, “Chefs are at the centre of the food world. They work wonders with basic ingredients, but their real magic lies in their capacity to tell stories through food experiences. This is ultimately what Meelz is really about: empowering chefs to take a more active role in the food value chain, to the benefit of all stakeholders cloud kitchens, 3PLs, vendors of food, beverage and kitchenware, venue owners and more. The possibilities are limitless.”

Celebrity chef and chefpreneurs were terms that reflect a new movement towards an elegant interest in fine food and culinary experience overall. The current global pandemic and its frequent lockdowns expedited this movement towards not only the digitization of transactions plus food delivery but everything from buying home kitchenware to attending online cooking classes. Led by a team of industry veterans with backgrounds in F&B, restaurant operations, e-commerce and marketing, Meelz received a pre-seed investment of $350,000 in October 2020 from The Lab holding to bring the idea to life.

When it comes to specialty e-commerce, Meelz not only opens a new channel for cuisine loving consumers, but picks some of the best items that chefs endorse.

Meelz is currently available in a web version ( and will soon debut on the two major App stores, iTunes & Google Play, and ready to take on this new fast growing digital market.