FlexxPay gets funded
Priya Wadhwa
What's the Deal

FlexxPay gets funded

Helping employers support their employees better.

Dubai-based startup, FlexxPay.com, has announced it raised funding from a group of undisclosed individuals and corporate investors.

It has rolled out its financial wellness platform that allows companies to offer advance salaries to employees in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

It follows the same models that have been widely popular in the US and the UK. Many of the corporates in the country already offer advance on salaries, however this platform helps employers support their employees for unexpected expenses.

Instead of a traditional pay cycle, the startup gives employers access to cloud-based technology, through which they can offer employees a portion of their salary that has been already-earned but yet to be paid.

We’re contacting the founders to learn more about their plans for the future and their startup. Stay tuned to find out more.