Highlights of Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori's travel to space
Priya Wadhwa
Space Exploration

Highlights of Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansoori's travel to space

After 8 days at the International Space Centre, Hazza Al Mansoori has safely landed back on Earth.

Earlier today, Hazza Al Mansoori left the International Space Station to begin his journey back to Earth. At 2:59 pm GST, he safely touched down Kazakhstan's Zhezkazgan.

Wrapped in the UAE flag, he has been carried to the medical tent wherein he will undergo medical tests by the Emirati team.

During his mission at the International Space Centre, Hazza Al Mansoori conducted multiple live streams, wherein he spoke to H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as well as children in Dubai.

Moreover he documented his experiments through vlogs and photographs.

He carried out health experiments using the NASA labs and technology during his mission, to study bone condition, body composition and the endocrine system in microgravity. His experiments also included studying the autonomic regulation of cardiovascular system, central hemodynamics, as well as the spatial distribution of the energy from heart contractions.

Hazza also carried out experiments to study the behaviour of fluids under microgravity. The first part of the experiment addressed the “technological issues relative to the slosh of fluids during satellite manoeuvres”, MBR Space Centre tweeted.

His experiments also extended to study JAXA'S Int-Ball camera that was controlled from Earth.

In addition, he also studied the perception of time in space and held an Emirati night at the ISS, in traditional clothing, showcasing the culture of the country. Moreover, he posted pictures of the UAE from the International Space Station and documented his stay there.

Hazza Al Mansoori has gone down in history as the first Emirati astronaut to successfully go to the International Space Station and reach back on Earth. His live streams, vlogs and pictures has inspired many in the country. As the UAE plans for more ambitious journeys to explore space, these experiments will surely give the MBR Space Centre first-hand insights into health and fluid behaviour in microgravity.