How cloud services could improve your business
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How cloud services could improve your business

It still holds appeal as one of the most useful technologies.

One of the most common questions asked by small business owners is, what strategy or technology will yield the largest result for the least amount of effort and money put in. In other words, what will have the highest return on investment for the company? The recently released report by SmartCompany has an answer. It shows that cloud technology came second only to smartphones as a technology that had the biggest impact or increased business efficiency the most in the past five years.

Despite that, it also found that only 20% of Australian businesses use paid cloud services, whereas only 50% use business management software that is in the cloud. Whilst the cloud is still a relatively new concept to grasp, it should not be dismissed, especially seeing the enormous impact that it could have in streamlining businesses.

To better understand the technology, and why it is so good at improving the efficiency of your business, read the following article.