Opaala facilitates ‘smart ordering’ at Gitex
Mita Srinivasan
10X Technology

Opaala facilitates ‘smart ordering’ at Gitex

Unique ‘Food Court Mode’ to promote a smarter and more efficient dining experience

F&B tech start-up, Opaala, will facilitate the dining experience for visitors during Gitex this December. Opaala‘s ‘Food Court Mode’ will power seven different restaurants to make ordering food and beverages simpler, faster, and safer with the COVID-19 pandemic in place.

Opaala’s ordering system at Gitex will use QR codes placed at various locations throughout the event to initiate its interactive digital menu for customers. From a single QR code, customers will be able to order from several restaurants at once under one bill, eliminating the hassle of having to find a table or waiting in long queues to place an order. Visitors will be able to order from different venues from the same menu and each restaurant will receive and process only the relevant items of its menu for either table delivery or pickup. Guests will be able to pay with debit or credit cards, or by using ApplePlay instead of having to handle cash, which also adheres to the COVID-19 safety precautions set by medical experts for contactless interactions.

DWTC first partnered with Opaala back in August 2020 for the Jimmy Carr show, when the F&B tech start-up presented its revolutionary concept offering vendors and visitors a quick and easy solution to ordering and serving food throughout the event. Opaala has been selected by DWTC after the platform has proven to improve operational efficiency for both F&B outlets and customers alike with key advantages such as eliminating long queues, the need for physical menus or receipts, and delivering orders in a faster and more organized manner.

Following Gitex 2020, Opaala will continue to work closely with DWTC to provide its smart service platform for other F&B outlets across different events and with permanent venue partnerships.