Nox Management and &ever JV creates Kuwait's first vertical farm
Mita Srinivasan
10X Technology

Nox Management and &ever JV creates Kuwait's first vertical farm

Joint venture uses SAP technology for 90 percent less water, 60 percent less fertilizer, and zero pesticides for first commercial indoor farm in Kuwait

&Ever Middle East, a joint venture between Kuwait’s NOX Management and German company &ever, has opened the first commercial indoor vertical farm in the Kuwait in partnership with engineering companies SAP and Viessmann. The farm will now be able to grow up to 250 varieties of greens and herbs using Dryponics technology. The facility, with approximately 3,000 sqm growing (or faming) space, has a daily output capacity of up to 550 kg of salad, herbs, and cresses. The products are available in all leading retailers and coops under the brand name &ever Kuwait.

The cutting-edge vertical farming method uses 90 percent less water compared to traditional farming, 60 percent less fertilizer, and zero pesticides. Using a sustainable “farm to fork” model, the technology is able to preserve the plants’ nutritional value until the produce reaches the customer.

“Previously, Kuwait’s restaurants imported all of its greens and herbs, mainly from Europe,” said Faisal AlMeshal, Director of Strategy and Business Development, NOX Management. “Our JV with &ever and the partnership with SAP and Viessmann on this indoor farm is enabling the local farming supply chain to save on costs and logistics, to minimize waste, and to make a better choice for the planet. Our customers have enhanced experiences with tastier and fresher produce.”

The farm has partnered with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions to develop highly efficient climatized rooms which are used in its indoor vertical farm. The technology is 40% more energy-efficient than other indoor vertical farming systems when it comes to energy use for climatization.

&ever built its operating system, &ever Cloud, using the SAP Business Technology Platform -- SAP HANA in-memory platform and SAP Cloud Platform. Farmers can monitor, analyze, and adjust hundreds of data points on plant health, airflow, light, carbon dioxide levels, humidity, and temperature in real-time.

Building on the global deployment capabilities of its key partners, &ever will scale its operations quickly and globally.