Libra’s new programming language: Move
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

Libra’s new programming language: Move

Facebook unveiled its new programming language for blockchain.

Facebook’s announcement of Libra has received mixed reactions. While we believe it’s a great move to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency into use in everyday life, Irina Heaver talks about why she would not trust Facebook’s Project Libra.

Soon after the announcement, Facebook unveiled the new programming language being used in the development of Libra. It’s called Move, and is specifically designed for blockchain transactions and enabling apps to transact with Libra, so that any accidental money disappearance or duplication is avoided.

Moreover, Move is an open source project, so developers can start building app updates and develop new services using the technology.

"One of the things that's powerful about Move is it's very expressive. Move can express things ranging from simple transactions like sending money to more complex transactions like how money is created and destroyed."
Ben Maurer, tech lead at Calibra, Facebook’s Libra-focused subsidiary

Move is still a very new programming language primarily built for the development of Libra. However, it does have potential for app developers to build various applications for money transactions. Will Facebook be closely watching, learning from and tracking these developments?

Learn more about the new programming language from Calibra’s tech lead, Ben Maurer here.