Immensa expands into Saudi Arabia
Mita Srinivasan
10X Technology

Immensa expands into Saudi Arabia

Acquires Saudi-based Shakl3D and LayLabs to cater to the surging demand for 3D printing and digitization services in the Kingdom

Immensa Technology Labs enters the Saudi market through the acquisition of two leading 3D- printing companies in the Kingdom, Shakl3D and LayLabs. The move is part of Immensa's mandate to extend its presence regionally and expand its reach and range of services to its clients in the Kingdom. The partnership will create the largest most advanced 3D-printing platform in the region with a global reach, and one that is on par with leading European and North American peers. Immensa will be investing (undisclosed) millions of dollars to expand and elevate the exiting capabilities in the Kingdom.

Shakl3D and LayLabs are considered one of the leading and most developed 3D-printing companies in Saudi Arabia, serving the oil and gas sector as well as other industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Fahmi Al Shawwa, CEO and Founder of Immensa Technology Labs, said: "With these acquisitions, the company is seeking to make KSA a key market, not just to serve but to develop domestically the capabilities and rapidly expand the adoption of additive manufacturing within the Kingdom, which we see not as a business expansion but as a home to Immensa's growing capabilities. By acquiring existing setups and investing in what they have started, we can expedite the development of the industrial 3D-printing sector in the kingdom and provide both teams with the international platform of Immensa.”

Immensa has played a vital role in a number of milestone additive manufacturing projects across the region. The company has developed industrial and mechanical applications for customers across various sectors, including defence, oil and gas, aviation, medical, and transportation, with the company being a member of a global consortium that developed the guidelines for printing 3D of metal parts for the oil & gas and maritime industries. The company already has its presence in Dubai and Sharjah (UAE), Kuwait, Riyadh and Dammam (after this partnership), and will soon announce its entry into the United States of America.