Constructor Capital Sets Sail for Innovation in Abu Dhabi
Mokshita P.
10X Technology

Constructor Capital Sets Sail for Innovation in Abu Dhabi

It inaugurates UAE operations with a focus on quantum technology and global early-stage startups, aiming to ignite innovation across regions and industries.

So, do you know about this innovative VC fund called Constructor Capital? They're all about investing in startups that are doing stuff in software and deep technology. And guess what? They just set up shop in the Emirates!

But here's what's really cool about them: they're not just any run-of-the-mill fund. They're part of this larger group called Constructor Group, which is all about science, education, and tech. They've got offices all over the place, from Singapore to Switzerland to Germany, and now they're adding the UAE to their list.

So, they had this opening ceremony at the Rosewood Hotel, and let me tell you, the guest list was impressive. We're talking public authorities, politicians, even a Nobel prize winner showed up! And of course, the core team from Constructor Capital was there too, led by Serg Bell, the founder.

But what's really exciting is their focus on deep tech, especially in quantum technology. They see huge potential in the Emirates' tech scene, and they're ready to dive in headfirst. They've already made some big investments, like in QuEra, which is doing some mind-blowing stuff in quantum computing.

They're not just throwing money at any old startup. The team at Constructor Capital are all entrepreneurs themselves, so they only invest in startups they believe they could run themselves. Plus, they've got this amazing network of scientists, including Nobel prize winners, which gives them a serious edge.

Their strategy is all about early-stage startups, particularly in deep tech, B2B SaaS, and EdTech. And they're not just focusing on one region—they're looking at opportunities all over the globe, but especially in places like MENA, Asia, and the EU.

So yeah, opening up shop in Abu Dhabi isn't just about expanding their reach—it's about tapping into a whole new world of innovation. They're pumped to be part of the UAE's tech ecosystem and can't wait to see what kind of partnerships and opportunities come their way. Exciting stuff, right?