10X Showcase: Blockchain visualised in 3D
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

10X Showcase: Blockchain visualised in 3D

This is the best thing you'll see all week.

Blockchain is fascinating and undoubtedly our future. However, for many of us with a visual brain, it is a concept that is difficult to comprehend simply because of its intangible aspect.

Below is the Symphony project created by IOHK, who in their own words are "an engineering company that builds cryptocurrencies and block chains for academic institutions, government entities and corporations."

Symphony 2.0 is an interactive 3D explorer that allows users to traverse the topographic history of the Bitcoin blockchain. Symphony 2.0 visualises the blockchain’s mempool – where unconfirmed transactions are stored – as a gravitational swell, around which confirmed transactions spiral in concentric rings. Users can explore these rings block-by-block, from the first transaction confirmed to the most recent.