Next Apple and Spotify war will be over podcasts
Priya Wadhwa
10x Industry

Next Apple and Spotify war will be over podcasts

Two rivals will battle in a new field.

We have previously noted how Apple’s services business is bringing in an increasing share of its revenues as iPhone sales decline. In a renewed push to strengthen its service business, Apple has opened accelerators in India and China, and is now looking into motinising the podcast business.

2018 saw podcasts become big. There are now multiple channels and it is quickly becoming a new media avenue to garner advertising sales.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple is now reaching out to media companies to make certain shows exclusive to Apple Podcasts, the company’s own podcast app.

Earlier this year, Spotify announced its plans to spend $500 million in podcast-related acquisitions. It has since acquired popular podcast networks, Gimlet Media and Parcast.

Considering more than 50% of podcase listeners do so via Apple Podcasts, exclusivity in shows could make it the next Netflix. However, with Spotify owning popular podcast networks, it could be compared to the Disney of podcasts. Who will win the market share in an ever heating up podcast world?