Tech in classrooms: Good idea?
Priya Wadhwa

Tech in classrooms: Good idea?

Over 1,000 teaching institutions worldwide are adopting tech in classrooms

Children that are being born now are born into a completely different world than even twenty years ago. Unlike their parents, they will be digital natives – they will not know any better than that everything is available online, from information to food and friends.

Technology has become increasingly become a cornerstone of education, as there are many benefits that come with the technological advancements.

With virtual reality, for example, a biology teacher would be able to explain the human anatomy in a much clearer and more interesting way than any textbook ever could. This means schools are increasingly using technology products and devices for teaching purposes.

One school in the United States, however, has decided to go the other way. Waldorf Schools is a schooling system where technology screens and products are not used up until the 8th grade, and rarely used after that.

This method, which is used in more than 1,000 teaching institutions worldwide, is applied in 136 schools in the United States alone, as technology savvy parents are increasingly turning to simpler forms of education for their children.

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