The R Collective tackles fashion waste
Priya Wadhwa

The R Collective tackles fashion waste

British entrepreneur implements fashion sustainability measures.

The fashion industry is not known for its sustainability, as it often uses materials that are sourced from far locations and uses rare ingredients for its products. However, with the global push into sustainability, fashion labels are stepping up.

In 2017, British entrepreneur, Christina Dean, founded a sustainable fashion brand, The R Collective. Her fashion practices were inspired by a charity she founded in 2007 called Redress, that works to reduce fashion waste and promote a circular fashion industry.

The company aims to up-cycle excess materials from the world-leading luxury designers to create something entirely new.

“We wanted to use business as a tool to transform fashion. We first-hand witnessed enormous amounts of quality textile waste–the industry is estimated to generate 92 million tons of textile waste every year. Meanwhile, we are sitting right in the middle of the fastest growing consumer markets in Asia, particularly in China.”
Christina Dean, CEO and Founder at The R Collective

The R Collective is one of the many small fashion labels founded to bring circular economy and sustainability to the industry. We are seeing more of these popping up across the world.

By up-cycling materials, The R Collective can address one of the most pressing challenges in the sustainable fashion economy: keeping costs low in order to cater to a wider market. SME10X believes once we have more smart ideas like these in the fashion sphere, sustainability can become a common practice.

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