7 easy tips to improve your presentations
Priya Wadhwa

7 easy tips to improve your presentations

Ace your next meeting!

All of us have to present at some point—mostly for work, sometimes for other purposes, but what exactly makes a good and compelling presentation? What is the magic factor that takes a presentation from ‘good’ to ‘amazing’? That is one of the questions that is addressed in Geoffrey James’ latest book, Business without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts you need to know, in which he talks about tips and tricks to do business better.

James also writes concise summaries in his blog, one of which covers 7 tips to make your presentations more captivating and persuasive. In this post, he explains how to effectively give a presentation that customers, colleagues and co-workers will talk about long after you're done. Do you want to learn how to give such an amazing presentation?

Hear it from James here.