StatsBomb acquires Arqam to offer 2x more data than other providers
Priya Wadhwa

StatsBomb acquires Arqam to offer 2x more data than other providers

Big data deal

The most advanced analytics provider in football, Statsbomb announced the complete acquisition of Arqam, a leader in sports data collection based in Cairo. With the acquisition Statsbomb plans to provide more than double the data compared to any other provider.

Statsbomb is recognised as the best solution for teams who are interested in taking advantage of over 3,400 unique data events on every match. With its latest acquisition, StatsBomb is poised for more growth.

Statsbomb also announced a collaboration with the University of Surrey Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing, to incorporate additional Computer Vision technology in order to increase data delivery speed and quality.

Ted Knutson, CEO of StatsBomb. "Arqam gives us more than 2X data points of any other provider and we are seeing results on and off the field. Our teams are up 20% in points per game year over year, and many clubs are maximising player transfer values and finding hidden gems due to in part to StatsBomb."

“In today's day and age, we find that a single extra goal in the Premier League is valued at over £2.5M," says Knutson. "We are at a tipping point in football, and clubs that are not part of the data revolution, will be left behind. By adding Arqam and industry experts such as Shergul Arshad and the University of Surrey CVSSP, StatsBomb are able to focus on developing robust analytical insight for our partners such as PSG to give them the edge."

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