Sleek helps companies operate in Singapore
Priya Wadhwa

Sleek helps companies operate in Singapore

Without the pain of paperwork.

Every major city in the world wants to become the next Silicon Valley—a hub for successful startups and technology. Singapore is no different. In addition to launching government backed programmes, grants, and funds, it is also looking seriously into making the set-up process easy for entrepreneurs.

Southeast Asia‘s “internet economy” is predicted to triple by 2025. And Singapore is in a great place to take advantage of the growing economy due to its digitisation.

And what better than a startup to help entrepreneurs to set up in the growing market, as well as help Singapore realise its visions? Sleek is one such startup that has found its own niche in the market.

French entrepreneurs Julien Labruyere and Adrien Barthel, who grew frustrated at the extremely tedious paperwork and slow speed of processing required permits, founded Sleek in May 2017 to address this issue.

Sleek is paperless—a one-stop-shop for registering a business in Singapore. They handle everything from incorporation, government, accounting and taxes, to visas and regulatory compliance. It offers multiple packages to suit entrepreneurs' needs.

A brilliant idea to help startups set up and take away the pains that most face when trying to establish themselves. However, such services have been in place in many countries, such as the UAE, where they are not categorised as startups, but as SMEs.

While it is a great idea for a business, do you think branding it as a startup is right? Or is this case similar to the 40% artificial intelligence startups in Europe having nothing to do with AI?