Improve self-awareness to become a better leader
Priya Wadhwa

Improve self-awareness to become a better leader

Ludmilla Figueiredo, Founder of Rule Number One, shares her insights.

A lot of ink has been spilt over female empowerment in general, but especially in the workplace. Every day, there are lists and tips that tell women how to be bolder, more straight-forward and sharp. However, as Ludmilla Figueiredo, founder of Rule Number One—an initiative to bridge growth and investment opportunities for startups and SMEs across markets—argues, this might not always have the desired consequences.

Figueiredo says that self-awareness in one’s actions, not only in the workplace but in our society, is crucial to lead with a positive impact. By being more aware of yourself at work, we can become better leaders and human-beings in general. So how do you achieve that?

Here is her list of 4 simple rules that help us to become more self-aware and in turn better leaders.