Expert tips to manage your reputation
Priya Wadhwa

Expert tips to manage your reputation

Tactics to handle reputation crisis

Tactics to handle reputation crisis can also work well in helping you navigate negative reviews and criticism. Experts have shared top tips to keep in mind to handle PR crisis management, here they are:

  • Accept and acknowledge the problem, and be truthful and transparent in your communication. It shows respect and dignity to your audience.

  • Be proactive in developing crisis management strategies. Think about the various aspects or situations that could damage your reputation and come up with strategies to manage them in order to minimise damage and protect your brand.

  • Take control of the narrative as fast as possible, before anyone else can. Own the issue, show that you accept it and are taking active steps to resolve the matter. When starbucks faced the racism scandal, it didn’t say “we’re looking into it,” it took immediate action and shut all its stores for a racial sensitivity training for all its employees.

  • Identify internal problems that can become a public issue and address them before they can do any damage. Keep feedback loops open and listen to what’s happening within your company.

The most important thing to remember if that with a smart reputation management strategy, you can counter any issue. Address it to minimise the damage, and make good, honest moves, as they have the potential to reverse negative press to building your brand. Read more about PR crisis management tips from industry experts here.