5 principles to be a great leader in times of change
Priya Wadhwa

5 principles to be a great leader in times of change

What's your leadership style?

What is the best way to be a leader, and how should a leader behave? The answer to this question will be very different if you ask someone now versus if you would have asked someone the exact same question 50 years ago. This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked; times change and things, including leadership styles, change with them.

Now more than ever, leaders have to be on top of their game, as technological change has accelerated over the past few decades and leaders should change with them. However, that is easier said than done. How do you stay on top of your game as a leader, or how do you adopt the most effective ways to lead new ambitious college graduates?

Jim Hemerling, an organisational change expert, outlines five imperatives, centred around putting people first, to turn company reorganisation into an empowering, energising task for all. Do you want to know his secret? Watch the TED talk here.