Contractors.Direct launches platform for direct access to certified contractors
Mita Srinivasan
Press Release

Contractors.Direct launches platform for direct access to certified contractors

Offers Businesses Direct Access to Certified Contractors Exclusive Industry-First Project Financing for Businesses through Beehive

An industry-disrupting digital portal that is changing the way regional businesses interact with contractors has launched in the UAE to serve the GCC region. Contractors.Direct provides businesses direct access to qualified and certified contractors while bringing together all the fundamental elements of commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects.

“This portal helps businesses take the guesswork out of choosing a contractor for any construction project,” commented Founder & CEO David Cook. “Quality and accessibility are the main gaps in the market that Contractors.Direct fulfills. Many businesses and individuals requiring a contractor encounter at least one of several hindrances: they do not know what to look for; they can’t articulate the technical complexities of their project; and they don’t have the tools or the construction industry-specific knowledge to know if they are making an informed decision.”

Contractors.Direct streamlines the process of choosing a contractor by not only providing a suite of certified and qualified entities to choose from, it also qualifies the business’ project requirements to ensure that the opportunity is viable for both parties. Additionally, Contractors.Direct offers project financing powered by Beehive - an exclusive opportunity for those entities launching their project through the portal.

Cook added: “A lot of businesses severely underestimate the cost of their project, which often leads to decisions being based cost as opposed to quality. The support our clients will receive from Beehive offers an exclusive, unique opportunity for businesses to spread the project cost over two years.”

The portal provides a lead-generating advantage for contracting companies.

Those companies that are registered on the portal will have access to 1,000’s of qualified leads on a monthly basis. Project financing through Beehive also means that those businesses seeking their services will have the financial means to carry out their projects.

In addition to the numerous physical aspects of the due diligence process carried out locally, the ‘background’ checks completed on each of the contracting companies is carried out by a rated and accredited global consultancy.

In its four-month ‘pre-launch’ beta phase, Contractors.Direct attracted more than 5,000 visitors and handled over 1,000,000 sq.ft. of enquiries with an estimated project value exceeding USD $30 million.