Lack of in-house expertise drives growth of outsourced services in UAE
Rushika Bhatia

Lack of in-house expertise drives growth of outsourced services in UAE

Imdaad, a provider of integrated facilities management solutions in the UAE, has revealed that the lack of in-house competency in facilities management (FM) among public entities and private enterprises in the UAE is driving the rapid adoption of outsourced FM services in the country.

Imdaad further disclosed that public entities are particularly aggressive in adopting outsourced FM solutions, a trend confirmed by a US study among federal entities showing that 54% of respondents have cited the lack of in-house expertise as the primary reason for outsourcing non-core FM responsibilities.

Imdaad has also noted that clients have reported a marked improvement in business performance as a result of their decision to outsource FM functions, which has helped relieve core resources of day-to-day operational concerns and has subsequently created greater flexibility to focus on more strategic tasks.

The US study also showed that 15% of respondents have said that they are outsourcing FM functions to achieve savings on project delivery time, underlining another strategic advantage of outsourced FM services.

Jamal Abdulla Lootah, CEO of Imdaad, said: “The lack of core competency in facilities management is clearly becoming a major obstacle for both public and private enterprises to achieve their full business potential. Management of properties, assets and facilities entails specialised skills, resources and manpower, which are obviously beyond the reach and scope of majority of our clients. Imdaad’s outsourced FM services therefore provide the perfect solution to address such limitations, while strengthening the ability of our clients to focus on mission-critical responsibilities.”