du’s on-the-job training provides vocational experience for Emirati students
Rushika Bhatia

du’s on-the-job training provides vocational experience for Emirati students

Young UAE nationals were given the opportunity to experience working in the country’s fastest-growing telecom company.

As part of its initiative to nurture and develop young UAE talent while promoting Emiratisation, du invited 20 Emirati students to participate in a summer training programme spanning July and August. In parallel, du has an ongoing work experience internship programme, through which 30 Emiratis have received vital vocational skills in 2011 alone.

The summer training programme is an ongoing du initiative that is now drawing closer to the end of the third year. For the first time, high school graduates were able to apply for a position in the 2011 programme alongside college graduates, with summer trainees initiated into the brand and communications, retail,marketing,human resources,finance and technology departments at du.

During their internship, the students were given practical training while being equipped with the essential skills they will need for their future career.

“We are very keen to encourage the abilities of young UAE nationals and have several initiatives in place in order to increase the employability of our country’s youth, in alignment with the UAE leadership’s vision and efforts towards Emiratisation,” commented Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Human Resources and Shared Services Officer, du.  “The students on our summer training programme have learnt core skills, giving them a valuable induction into the world of work and making them more prepared for when they take up full-time employment.”

He added, “There is always a strong demand for positions in our training programme. With that in mind, this year we increased the number of intern spots in order to give even more students a solid foundation for a successful future.”

du’s work experience and summer training internship programmes offer an exciting and challenging opportunity to its participants, giving them an imperative insight into the working world prior to taking on their first full-time position.

Nasser Khalifa Alfalasi took up a position as an intern over the summer, and was assigned to the events management section of the Communications department, where he took over the task of handling one of du’s largest Ramadan initiatives, the Mawaed Al Rahman (Iftar tents).

du’s on-the-job training provides vocational experience for Emirati students

“I was given sole responsibility of this event, from recruiting volunteers to setting up the branding, meals and locations of the Iftar,” said Nasser. “du has treated me like any other employee and gave me full responsibilities and tasks. Most interns agree that they aren’t given the chance to be responsible for to be taken seriously in the work, but I can actually say that du has never made me feel unproductive, useless or irresponsible.”

du begins sourcing potential trainees at the beginning of every year, by promoting the scheme at the various career fairs and academic organisations that the company is represented at. Emirati students are encouraged to submit an application, which is then processed by du. Successful applicants are then invited to participate in an interview, from which students are selected to be admitted to the programme. They are then assigned to a department where their existing skills can be best put to use.

Evaluation of the students is conducted before and after their participation in the programme, and Emiratis who have shown an aptitude towards their assigned roles may be offered a position within the company.