Study reveals facilities managers lack training in CSR
Rushika Bhatia
Industry Watch

Study reveals facilities managers lack training in CSR

Imdaad, a provider of integrated facilities management solutions in the UAE, has pointed out the important role of facilities management companies in promoting corporate social responsibility in the society.

They have further stated that with facilities managers responsible for overseeing the whole lifecycle of buildings from conception and design through construction to operation, they can help shape a culture of accountability within the community and support the sustainable development strategy of the UAE government.

Echoing the results of a UK study about CSR in facilities management, Imdaad noted that time constraints, lack of understanding of the business case, lack of information and training, and affordability are the most common inhibiting factors that prevent organisations from fully integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their operations. The UK study further revealed that 80% of facilities managers had not received any training in CSR, a recurring trend that holds true in other countries such as the UAE.

Jamal Abdulla Lootah, CEO, Imdaad, said: “We now live in an era that puts a premium on sustainability and environmental accountability, which only magnifies the important role being played by facilities managers. Facilities managers contribute in many ways in improving energy efficiency, addressing health and safety issues, and even helping secure our communities. In our continuing efforts to promote sustainability and social responsibility, facilities managers should definitely step up and serve as role models in the society.”

“We understand that time constraints and lack of information and training are among the barriers that prevent facilities managers and other organisations from fully integrating CSR programs in their business strategies. In this case, there is a need to develop a culture of CSR right from the top, wherein senior officials must be the ones to actively encourage and initiate the integration of CSR in the business. According to a relevant study in the UK, CSR is often given higher priority in an organisation when it is driven from the top. In this regard, I am proud that Imdaad has a very firm foundation for its CSR programs because our commitment emanates from the commitment of the company’s board and senior management to develop a culture of corporate social responsibility across all levels of the organisation,” added Lootah.