Pat on the back for Summertown Interiors’ green initiatives
Rushika Bhatia
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Pat on the back for Summertown Interiors’ green initiatives

Summertown Interiors recently announced its achievement of attaining PEARL membership with the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development (UBCSD), the leading local organization for advancing economic growth within the UAE and establishing awareness of key environmental issues and concerns inherent to the region.

The UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development provides an important channel for companies looking to cultivate their foothold in the region, providing a unique platform from which to strengthen company presence not only regionally but allows organizations to interact with global environmental issues, people and practices that would be otherwise inaccessible .

A number of significant green initiatives have distinguished Summertown Interiors as a PEARL member of the UBCSD, notably the recent establishment of the ‘Green Committee’ as the company enters 2011 – a collaborative effort across all parts of the company and additional Summertown entities that has been founded to achieve complete carbon neutrality for the company by 2020. The inception of this strategic course of action makes a statement that not only reveals the innovation and commitment Summertown has displayed in terms of implementing sustainable business practices here in the UAE but illustrates the green lifestyle that is filtered through all aspects of Summertown’s corporate philosophy.

“We are enormously proud to be welcomed by such a prestigious organization that is playing such a critical role in sustainable development for the region. Like the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development, we see education and promoting awareness for the benefits that come with adopting environmental standards as fundamental in encouraging companies, no matter what size, to take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and subsequently allow them to uncover new market opportunities in the process,” said Marcos Bish, Managing Director for Summertown Interiors.

“Awareness for the need to incorporate green practices into business strategy is undoubtedly fast becoming a primary concern locally and throughout the GCC, yet this still severely conflicts with the lack of knowledge industry professionals have when it comes to implementing these ideas across the key sectors that are fuelling economic growth in the region. The knowledge and expertise that comes from being the first turnkey fit out contractor to occupy LEED Gold certified premises allows Summertown to lead by example. The company has undertaken a responsibility to demonstrate the economical benefits of going green with the launch of Summertown’s ‘Green in Action’ workshops, an initiative that was met with great success in 2010.”

Van. T. Tran, representative for the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development commented, “Summertown has impressive commitments and achievements in terms of sustainable business practices. We are delighted to see that a company within the interiors field can be pro-active in promoting the sustainable development in different manners from the product, through their process, to the planning and training of its employees.
We are glad to welcome Summertown in the UAE Business Council for Sustainable Development, as a PEARL member 2011.”

Professionals looking to learn more about how sustainable initiatives can be adapted to align with corporate goals and objectives can visit to sign up for a free ‘Green in Action’ Workshop.