du introduces ‘more data’ recharge option
Rushika Bhatia
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du introduces ‘more data’ recharge option

‘more data’ is the new addition to du’s bouquet of Pay as you Go  recharge options. Offered for the first time in the UAE, ‘more data’ gives du prepaid customers easy and affordable access to data on the mobile.

Pay as you Go customers can now access data more easily and affordably by simply recharging with ‘more data’ option. Updating facebook, downloading from YouTube, checking email or even searching on Google is right at the fingertips.

Just like ‘more time’, ‘more credit’ and ‘more international’ Pay as you Go recharge options, ‘more data’ is available on-the-go, with the convenience of being able to top up at any du Shop, or other retailers across the country by simply using a du WoW recharge card.

Each recharge denomination comes with a unique data bundle that has 30 days validity, and is eligible for data usage within the UAE. SMS notifications will be sent to the customer whenever their ‘more data’ balance is depleted, at which point ‘more credit’ or ‘more time’ balances can be used for data at a standard pay per use rate. ‘more data’ recharge denominations are AED 20, AED 50, AED 100, AED 200 and AED 500, each receiving 40MB, 125MB, 750MB, 2GB and 12GB, respectively.

“Mobile Internet usage has increased exponentially with the increasing availability and popularity of SmartPhones in particular. With this in mind, we decided to offer more option and value – hence ‘more data’ option was devised,” explains Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du.

“It is our intention to constantly anticipate the next best thing to be able to better serve our customers’ needs, and ‘more data’, which we’re introducing to the UAE for the first time, provides them with a compelling prepaid scheme that is way ahead of anything else available in the market.”

To help customers establish what their approximate usage might be, du has compiled a chart based on average data used by popular SmartPhones.

One email (text only) 35KB
One email with photo attachment 1MB
One email with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint attachment 300KB
One webpage 300KB
One app, game or song 15MB
Social media download/upload 500KB
One 4 minute song 600KB
One minute of streaming video (YouTube high quality) 3MB

Customers using Pay as you Go, Visitor Mobile Line or Business Mobile Pay as you Go Plus packages are eligible to use ‘more data’. To recharge with ‘more data’, customers should dial *131*, followed by the WoW card number, then #, and press the call key to recharge.  Checking ‘more data’ balance can be done by dialing *135#, calling 135 or through du’s Self Care Web portal.

For our Real Mobile Broadband customers who use Internet Keys, they can also recharge with ‘more data’ in addition to their standard Data Bundles. Customers simply need visit Self Care at www.du.ae/selfcare