Transforming Lifestyle Assets into Profitable Ventures?
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Transforming Lifestyle Assets into Profitable Ventures?

Led by new COO Amit Arora, diversifies into wellness, hospitality, and F&B with partnerships like Armani and Boost Juice, aiming for vibrant community spaces and market growth.

Hey there! So, Arada, the master developer, has made some exciting moves lately. They've restructured their lifestyle assets into a new division called Hospitality and Entertainment, led by their new Chief Operating Officer, Amit Arora. Amit comes with a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, having worked with big names like The Ritz-Carlton and Emaar Hospitality.

This new division is all about tapping into rapidly growing segments like wellness, hospitality, food and beverage operations, and events. It's a smart move to diversify their income streams and create more vibrant spaces for people to enjoy.

For instance, their Wellness unit includes Wellfit, a popular gym chain, while their Hospitality pipeline boasts partnerships with prestigious brands like Armani and The Address. They're also involved in community initiatives like Manbat, which connects local farmers with consumers to enhance food security.

And let's not forget about their F&B operations, which feature brands like Boost Juice and Hungry Wolves, offering healthy eating options. Plus, they're expanding into non-residential businesses to broaden their reach even further.

Overall, Arada is really making waves in the market, overseeing multiple developments and reporting significant sales growth. It's an exciting time to be part of their journey!