Top healthcare start-ups across the region
Mita Srinivasan
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Top healthcare start-ups across the region

With infections and a global pandemic, remote and easy tools are going to be needed for our personal healthcare. SME10X and UPS take a look at some of the healthcare apps/solutions available to users across the MENA region.

· AlemHealth is a telemedicine services provider that connects hospitals in developing countries to a network of diagnostic imaging, pathology, and specialist consultation services. It has board-certified physicians in the US, EU, and India on its platform and provides connectivity tools to facilitate the entire interaction. It claims to have built a low-bandwidth, web and mobile platform to facilitate telemedicine in developing countries.

· Altibbi is a digital health platform that, in addition to being one of the largest Arabic medical content portal covering everything medical including definitions of medical terminology, conditions, medications etc., also helps patients connect with General Practionerss in 10 Arab countries in under 1 minute via a phone call and/or online chat.

· Augmentcare has built a clinical healthcare exchange network focused on emerging markets which they claim connects patients, doctors, and care facilities to provide comprehensive information for preventative, diagnostic and care facilitation in Pakistan and the developing world.

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· Cura is a telemedicine start-up that is solving healthcare accessibility problems and is on a mission to change the way we see doctors today. Their app enables people to talk to doctors using their mobile phones without the need to book appointments and physically visit a doctor. The app lets users choose doctors based on their specialty, ratings and patient reviews. Currently, Cura has 120K registered users across MENA getting served by 1,500 doctors, generating more than 5,000 consultations monthly.

· Health at Hand has developed a mobile application that facilitates online consultation with doctors from nearby hospitals. The platform allows users to avail consultations for non-emergency conditions like colds, coughs, sore throats, earaches, sinus congestion and allergies, headaches, urinary problems, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, eye infections, rashes and others.

· Heydoc offers app based medical consultation from doctors in Dubai. Atypical telemedicine consultation through app costs between $ 25 to $60 which offers 12-hour communication with doctors, medical advice guidance and unlimited messages.

· Medicus AI is an online mobile-based platform that helps people understand their medical test reports. It takes the report data and represents it in visual manner while taking user's unique health profile - gender, age, family history, etc. into account. The platform also generates personalized health insights, tips, recommendations, provides patient engagement and decision support feature for healthcare providers. Recent funding is fueling the company’s global expansion, as well as the development of its diagnostic lab and insurance products across core markets and in new languages.

· Sihatech allows its users to book appointments and lab tests, search for doctors or clinics and get medication. It gives their users the ability to personalize their choices based on preference and compatibility as the platform allows its users to “choose the doctor that is closest to you. Or a doctor that is a specific gender or speaks a similar language”.

· Vezeeta has grown to become a mainstream digital leader of healthtech solutions enabling patients to search, book and review the best doctors and medical services in just one minute. Currently operating in 50 cities across Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, the platform generates 4 million annual appointments, tripling year over year.

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· Webteb:, is an online healthcare platform that provides comprehensive health and medical information in Arabic. Their platform covers sections ranging from health and beauty, pregnancy and birth to medicine and diseases. Webteb publishes evidence based on medical information from accredited health and professional institutions and provides licensed content from global organizations and academic institutions. They are based in Amman.

· Yodawy: as Egypt’s largest online medication ordering and pharmacy benefits management platform, Yodawy is determined to transform the patient experience to a seamless, hassle-free one. Yodawy creates user-friendly platforms, disrupting the health care eco-system with an aim to make patients life’s easier.