Strategic Advertising Solutions selects EasyPick for all deliveries
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

Strategic Advertising Solutions selects EasyPick for all deliveries

Strategic Advertising Solutions (SAS), an experienced media representative for local and international media, has selected EasyPick for its messenger services. A relatively new start-up incubated at In5 Tech, EasyPick delivers copies of international media to SAS’s agency and customers as well as deliver invoices, collect and drop off cheques and payments for a little over a year. EasyPick has been doing around 50 deliveries/pick up services a month and hope that this will expand as both companies grow.

Mamta Pillai, CEO at SAS Media, said, “EasyPick has been instrumental in ensuring prompt, efficient, economical & communicative services for us. Time is of essence in most Business activities & EasyPick keeps the tempo in tandem with our requirements. They have saved us time, manpower & energy in more ways than I can explain here.”

Nishant Jaiswal, Founder at EasyPick, added, “I appreciate the trust and support from SAS who are one of our first customers. The helped us test our products and now use them regularly. Our aim is to provide support to businesses that want to outsource their pickup and delivery so they can focus on what is important – their own business. We currently work with a lot of small businesses and small e-commerce companies as well as provide the back-end support for a few larger businesses.”

Easypick is a startup, providing real time pick-up and delivery of cheques, documents & non-perishable goods. This web-based service solution allows for access to real time verification of documents, attain signatures on original vouchers, backed up with a solid and secure logistical infrastructure (by partnering with several delivery companies), offering access to the largest network of deliveries across the UAE in one platform.