Rejoin Launches to Empower Women Back into the Workforce
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Rejoin Launches to Empower Women Back into the Workforce

Inaugurating on Mother’s Day, 'Rejoin' aims to dismantle career break stigmas, providing an ecosystem for individuals, especially women, to re-enter the workforce with flexibility and confidence.

Aiming at empowering women returning to the workforce after career breaks, 1115 Inc., announces the launch of its latest venture, ‘Rejoin.’ Positioned as more than just a job board, Rejoin emerges as a platform dedicated to providing support and opportunities for individuals, particularly women, seeking to re-enter the professional sphere after extended breaks.

Scheduled for launch on Mother’s Day, Rejoin states a commitment to celebrating women's contributions beyond mere discounts and complimentary offerings, emphasising the importance of choice and flexibility in career advancement. Recognising the challenges often associated with returning to work after a hiatus, ranging from childcare responsibilities to outdated perceptions of skills, Rejoin endeavours to break down these barriers by boosting a supportive community and providing a platform for professionals to showcase their talents and experiences.

Ayshwarya Chari, Co-founder of Rejoin, expressed the vision behind the platform, stating, “Rejoin isn't just about finding a job after a break, it's about reigniting your passion and reimagining your career potential. We believe these breaks offer valuable experiences and skills that shouldn't be overlooked.”

Co-founder Shraddha Barot Amariei highlighting the platform's role in challenging traditional perceptions of career breaks and boosting a community where returning professionals can connect, share experiences, and receive support as they transition back into the workforce.

Built by two working mothers who understand the challenges firsthand, Rejoin aims to redefine career breaks as opportunities for personal and professional growth. The platform offers employers and SME owners access to a diverse talent pool, while candidates can explore flexible working options ranging from hourly to full-time, remote, or hybrid positions.

In an effort to encourage participation, Rejoin is offering a free introductory offer for employers throughout March and April. Job seekers can register and upload their resumes for free, selecting working arrangements that align with their lifestyle and preferences.

With Rejoin, career breaks transform into springboards for empowerment, enabling individuals to reclaim their place in the workforce with confidence and purpose. This initiative marks a step towards challenging outdated perceptions and raising inclusivity and diversity in the professional landscape of the Middle East.