Opaala offers smart service platform for hospitality sector
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

Opaala offers smart service platform for hospitality sector

Platform reduces staff costs, eliminates service wait times, and increase revenue through a contactless, mobile-powered solution

Hospitality-tech start-up, Opaala, offers smart service platform that changes the traditional ‘8-step service model’ by reducing staff costs, eliminating service wait times, and increasing revenue through a contactless, app-free, mobile-powered solution. Opaala can be used across the hospitality industry, including restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, food courts, in-room and within lounges and beach cabanas at hotels, stadiums and events arenas.

The system includes Opaala inVenue™ for restaurants, and Opaala inRoom™ for hotels, and Opaala reMote™ for restaurants. These systems will enable venues to cut down on operational costs, working with a skeleton crew whilst simultaneously upholding standards of service. Opaala’s solution is browser-based, eliminating the need to download a mobile application, can seamlessly integrate into the venue’s POS system and can be customized for branding needs.

Opaala tackles the hospitality industry pitfalls following the COVID-19 outbreak with its innovative smart service system that is now integrated into multiple venues across the UAE with the objective to boost sales and provide contactless interactions. The highly in-demand technology provides a seamless solution to allow hotels, restaurants, nightlife spots, and beach clubs to navigate a new, promising era of hospitality.

Opaala Co.Founder, Marwan Saab, noted that Opaala was born out of necessity. “It is easy for customers to be overlooked when venues are managing high footfall. We wish to enhance the diner’s experience whilst assisting restaurants with managing their ever-increasing costs.”