NBF Event Sheds Light on UAE Corporate Tax Implications
Mokshita P.
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NBF Event Sheds Light on UAE Corporate Tax Implications

NBF's knowledge-sharing event highlights impact of UAE corporate tax on profitability and operations, offering insights on adjustments and compliance strategies. Series continues exploring finance topics in 2024.

In a bid to enlighten businesses across various sectors in the UAE, the National Bank of Fujairah organised a knowledge-sharing event focusing on the recent developments in corporate taxation within the country. The event, held under the theme 'UAE corporate tax and the evolving business landscape,' witnessed the participation of business leaders, tax specialists, accounting experts, and legal advisors.

The gathering served as a platform for discussions revolving around the intricacies of the federal corporate tax system, which was implemented in the UAE in June of the previous year. Attendees delved into the challenges businesses might encounter in optimising tax efficiency and explored adjustments, such as restructuring or consolidation, to adapt to the new tax framework effectively.

Various topics were dissected during the event, including the impact of corporate tax on profitability, the implications for free zone companies and SMEs, and the delineation of tax-free income. Real-life case studies from businesses navigating their inaugural year under the corporate tax system brought these discussions to life, offering practical insights into the evolving era.

Introduced in June 2023, the UAE's federal corporate tax regime stands out globally for its competitiveness, with a modest rate of 9 percent applicable to taxable income surpassing AED 375,000. Nonetheless, the nature of the tax system necessitates thorough revisions of financial models and investment strategies by companies operating within the UAE.

As businesses grapple with their maiden tax year under the new regulations, many are proactively assessing the ramifications on their financial performance and operational structures. Some entities have already established tax departments, while others are seeking counsel from tax advisors to ensure compliance and optimise tax planning strategies.

The knowledge-sharing event organised by NBF represents the latest instalment in their ongoing series, which previously explored topics such as sustainable finance and Islamic finance. With the event series slated to continue throughout 2024, NBF remains committed to boosting a culture of informed decision-making and facilitating dialogue on issues shaping the UAE's business era.